Experiments in Happiness

Being happy isn’t always easy.  Humans are complicated creatures and although our brains might be capable of performing wildly complex tasks, they can also sabotage our well-being. “Not everyone is going to be naturally happy all the time,” Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests. As a professor of psychology at UC Riverside, she has devoted her career to … Read moreExperiments in Happiness

The science of love …and why some couples last for life.

[Listen to Robert Levenson’s full interview with Science Today.] Love can be a battlefield. So what makes a successful relationship? Psychologist Robert Levenson (known for his work on the “marry me” gene) and his team at UC Berkeley had a hunch that the key to a relationship’s stability was the ability to deal with conflict. So … Read moreThe science of love …and why some couples last for life.

A whole new meaning to “Deadhead”

Above is a representation of former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart’s brain.  It will be used on his upcoming tour as both a visual and as a way for his mind to power the stage’s lighting.  Hart explains: “I was just looking at it and watching it fire, and you see the colors moving and … Read moreA whole new meaning to “Deadhead”

Can a video game rejuvenate an elderly brain?

Although there are a lot of video games out there that claim to help your brain, most have not been evaluated for this purpose.  A new study at UCSF finds that playing a brain training game for one month can rejuvenate cognitive control for people in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley worked … Read moreCan a video game rejuvenate an elderly brain?

Treatments for TV’s most compellingly mental characters

UCLA-affiliated psychiatrist Paul Puri diagnoses and prescribe treatments for TV’s most compellingly mental characters. Louie Character Name: Louie Diagnosis: Mild depression, compartmentalization, self-sabotaging tendencies. Symptoms: Suppressing parts of his personality, difficulty connecting with others, mild anger issues. Recommended Medication: A low dose of antidepressants for a trial period. Recommended Therapy: Role-playing as part of a … Read moreTreatments for TV’s most compellingly mental characters